Welcome to Security K9 Ltd. Security K9’s Mission is to protect the interest, assets and profile of our clients while employing our exstensive industry expertise.

Security Patrol Services

Our core business is providing security K9 support units and dog handler response units to our clients across the UK. We have experienced staff which have undergone extensive training with their cainine partners to ensure high quality services to our clients. Our K9 response handlers are ready for dispatch 24 hours a day.
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All of our K9’s have undergone extensive training in real world scenarios & situations to ensure they take anything in thier stride. We train dogs for security & personal protection clients as well as supplying security dogs to the industry. We have state of the art facilities as well as boarding kennels.
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Detection Services

We are industry leaders in supplying & training Drugs Dogs, Scent Detection &  Bomb Detection Dogs. We have a specialist detection dog team who are ready for dispatch 24 hours a day and also have training facilities and drugs detection dogs for sale.
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Dogs Available

The dogs we have for sale have all been extensivly trained and tested to ensure they are ready for the real world environment. We emphasise on quality, most of our dogs are imported from Europe, from top working bloodlines that are trained o fulfil their role of being a Security Parol Dog or Personal Protection Dog.
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Security K9 are extremely professional and provide an excellent service.–Mr Roberts, Car Hire 24/7

Superb rates, and very happy with service.–Managing Director, Allstars

Are well organised and offer peace of mind..–Managing Director, Diamond Thoughts