Security K9’s Mission is to protect the interest, assets and profile of our clients. They present the need we provide our exstensive security expertise. No job is too small; we manage residential properties, street management, parks, commercial/construction land and properties, personal searches, catering both for individauls and high profile organisations. We always strive to deliver to a high standard and in a professional manner.

Security K9, is committed to providing our clients with the highest achievable level of service. Our innovative approach to client security requirements, sees us providing bespoke, tailored solutions, focusing our patrols and search activities on specific needs, based at any given time upon available intelligence, crime pattern analysis, and known terrorist threat levels. Our aim is to maintain our operational service at the height of professionalism, it will be high profile and impactive, creating an environment in which the client and the visiting public feel protected by a visible deterrent, displaying a sincere commitment to reducing crime and the threat of terrorism.

Our quality of service will always be based in the quality of our people, and we continue to operate a policy of recruiting individuals with a skills profile that compliments our business.

We also continue to invest heavily in training for our staff, and this is underpinned by support and supervision for our personnel, ensuring that the customer receives a qualified and auditable product. It is because we have recruited a team of highly qualified instructors to conduct our canine selection and development processes, and it is because all of our processes are auditable, that our commitment to providing the client with the best possible dog resources remains unquestionable.

At Security K9  we will maintain regular contact with our client, ensuring that our service is focused on customer needs, and we will retain customer confidence by conducting our business in a manner that is open, honest and innovative, but above all, founded in our integrity and professionalism.