Dog Restraint Services

At Security K9 we offer Nationwide DOG RESTRAINT services to assist Bailiffs, recovery agents and utility companies to actively enter and secure premises in a safe fashion.

We are trained, equipped and ready to assist individuals and organisations that have legal authority and warrant(s) for entry of a premises. We formulate a risk assessments to manage our Dog Handlers to come up with the best strategy when applying best practice dog restraint techniques. Whether it means just applying conflict management to protect professionals while work is carried out in a premises. To actual safe and humane dog restraint or removal of a dangerous dog(s), our teams are at hand to support.

Dangerous Dog Pic

 No one should have to live in fear of dangerous dogs, so no matter what the situation is, please contact us to see if our dog restraining service can be of assistance. We have vast experience working with several partners, from bailiffs, local authorities, asset management groups, letting agencies, private landlords, locksmiths etc. We are a professional outfit, and can work discreetly as possible, keeping in mind all matters confidentially.

we are also able to transport dogs to other suitable locations/kennels. So there is no concern for you to worry about once with have safely and humanely carried out any dog restraint services for you.