Detection Services

We take pride in leading the field in training canine units for the detection of explosives and narcotics, security and search recovery. We source, assess and train only suitable canine candidates. Only when these specimens have gone through our extensive detection training programs and assessments. Will they be considered for testing, let alone working in our communities. The detection dogs have to meet high environmental stability, and are trained in searching vehicles and pedestrian routes (urban and rural), vessels and aircraft. They are despatched in various venues such as railway stations, shopping centres, theatres, clubs, stadiums and airports. We sometimes have trained or part trained detection dogs available, offering ongoing training.

Our Operations Manager supervises all our detection dog teams and has over 20 years experience as an operative and supervisor with a Police Specialist Operations Group. As our operations Manager he also ensures that all of Security dog services are scrutinised, with all the appropriate safety control measures in place and documented for the client. So be rest assured that if you require a detection dog service, you will be getting a first class team.