Personal Protection

In today’s society of high unemployment, burglaries, muggings and violent crimes, personal protection has become a fundamental importance to surviving in this day and age. Hence why Security K9 take the view point that all honest law abiding families and individuals have the right to protect themselves, homes and possessions without falling foul, as another statistic of crime

Whether you go out to your local park, going to the cash point at night, or want to protect your possessions at home through those long winter evenings. A trained personal protection dog could just be the solution for you.

We only do we provide some trained and semi-trained protection dogs; we also provide a training service to bring clients dogs up to a working standard to perform the role.

Dogs can simply be trained as an intruder alert dog, display controlled aggression, or defend you on command.

You can view the dogs we have available or bring your dogs in for assessments and training.

But please keep safe.